by Michele Valeri   ©1977

(based on a story by P. D. Eastmann)

I wrote this song after a kindergarten teacher told me she had read the book to her class. She wanted to reinforce the sequence of characters.   I used a bird puppet and dramatized the song with the teacher as the mother bird.      

Intro:     Well, I have a little story and it won't take long.

          About a baby bird I'll sing this song.

          His mother waited patiently for him to hatch.

          She sat on her egg in her little twiggy parch.

          And she sat, and she sat, and she waited and she said,

          "If my child is a boy I will name him Fred."

          Time dragged on.  She went out for a snack.

          She said to the egg, "I will be right back."

          But while she was gone little Fred popped out.

          And that's what the story is all about.

          He looked around from his nest in the tree, and said,

          "Where's my mother?  I think I'll go see."  (travel music)

Chorus:       "Are you my mother?" The little birdie said.

          "Are you my mother?  Hello, my name is Fred."

          "I'm not your mother."  The little rooster said.

          I'm not your mother.  I'm very sorry Fred."  (traveling music)

"well, are you my mother?" etc.    


–The big 'ole moo cow.     –The hairy hound dog.

–the big 'ole tomcat.           –The snort.

"Yes, I'm your mother." The mother birdie said.

"Yes, I'm your mother.  I'm the one who named you Fred!"

Are You my Mother